Main Course

Homemade fish soup
150 MDL
Quail zama
150 MDL


Vegetable and cheese platter
200 MDL
Sour cabbage with tomatoes and others
150 MDL
Herring with boiled potatoes
120 MDL
Lard platter
150 MDL

Hot Plates

Voloshin-style handmade pelmeni
150 MDL
Caucasian shashlik with grilled vegetables
250 MDL
Fried potatoes
120 MDL
Grilled dorada with vegetables
350 MDL
Mamaliga with pork greaves
170 MDL


Homemade kvas, 1 liter
60 MDL
Lemon and honey drink, 1 liter
60 MDL
Cherry compote, 1 liter
60 MDL

A place to fall in love with peace, quietness and self-harmony. A place to fall in love with bathing rituals.

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