A place of power and new discoveries
Woloshin banya is an amazing place where people fall in love with delicious steam with the aroma of herbs, the sounds of a tambourine in the hayloft, the rhythm of birch brooms and the peace of soap massage, the purity of a stone pond and a hot tub with fir. They fall in love with silence, peace and harmony with themselves.

They fall in love with Bath.

We have combined the four elements and as a result the bath complex was born, which is a place of power and filling with vital energy.
Our mission is to revive the bathing culture in Moldova and make it an important element of life. We want to help people cope with the hurried rhythm of modern city life and create an environment where our guests can stop, recharge, gain strength and get new experiences.
Traditional wooden bathhouse on the edge of the forest
We brought together the four elements. And that's how the bathing resort was born. A place of strength and recharging with vital energy.

This is a wonderful place where people fall in love with peace, quietness and self-harmony.
Large home wood-fired bathhouse suitable for 10 people. Smart steam room with rain and mist. Unique interior design featuring a vintage stove. Old Oak named Uncle Vasile, the keeper of the family. Birds town – Ptitsburg.
up to 6 pers.
Sound therapy
Sound therapy with our shamanic instruments. Sound healing with ancient civilizations bells, vibrotherapy with Tibetan singing bowls.
Fragrant steaming
Cedar shelves covered in aromatic hay. Gentle steaming at +60°C and high humidity. Natural scent of herbs, no essential oils or essences. Sounds of the forest, birds and the ocean.
Spring-water pond
Spring-like, crystal clear water. More than two meters deep. Huge granite rocks, a mind-soothing waterfall.
Hot water tub
The wooden tub with hot water (+38°C) is used for deep heating. The citrus and pine aromas help you relax.
Scandinavian wood-fired sauna
The sauna is made of eco-friendly Norwegian wood with a mixed steam cycle. Alternating wet and dry steam.
up to 6 pers.
It's a haven for tough Vikings and irresistible Valkyries.

Here you'll be heated up by the master's skill, energized by the radiant heat of the sauna's wood-burning stove, and invigorated by the contrast between the hot herbal-infused tub and the ice-cold tub.
Gas grill
Guests of the bath resort can enjoy a gas grill to cook meat and vegetables.
Hot water tub
The wooden tub with hot water (+38°C) is used for deep heating. The citrus and pine aromas give you a sense of calm.
Cold water tub
The wooden tub with cold water (+10°C) invigorates and revitalizes.
Unique igloo-style design
The igloo-style holiday home immerses you in the Scandinavian atmosphere
of the viking and valkyrie era, where you can enjoy herbal teas and treats.
The best steam masters in Moldova
Our masters are true fans of their work. These are the best specialists in the country - each of them has years of training, thousands of guests and vast experience.
A massage therapist of the highest category, a kinetotherapist. He has been in the profession for more than 15 years. He specializes in sports and classical massage. In massage he uses both classical and the most modern techniques and massage equipment.
A massage therapist with an international Diploma and more than 18 years of experience. Over the years of work, he managed to see a lot, so he feel like "a fish in water" in this matter. He knows all types of European classical massage.
A professional steam master who has absorbed the love of the bath since childhood. He has a lot of author's soaring programs that give positive emotions to clients. Bath heals the body, soul, mind, so my goal is to promote bath culture.
Steam master with 2 years experience in working with guests. Energetic, he finds a common language with any guests. Bath is a second life for him; he removes bad energy from people and charges them with positive.
They are all different, each has its own approach and temperament, but they are united by the most important thing - the ability to feel the guest and the desire to share warmth and care with him.
from 10 000 lei
5 hours
from 5000 lei for 1 person
2 people
For lovers, romantics, family couples and honeymooners
from 10 000 lei
5 hours
from 10 000 lei for 1 person
1 person
For those who need to be in silence, to understand something new and reboot.
from 15 000 lei
5 hours
from 1875 lei for 1 person
up to 8 women
For those who do not have large companies and want to meet new people
from 10 000 lei
5 hours
from 1000 lei for 1 person
10 people
For those who do not have large companies and want to meet new people
from 10 000 lei
5 hours
from 1667 lei for 1 person
up to 6 people
For friendly families best friends, bachelor party, bachelorette party, children's party
from 20 000 lei
10 hours
from 2000 lei for 1 person
up to 10 people
For large companies, corporate events, special occasions
  • Emilian Cretu
    Yesterday I had an evening of relaxation, a wonderful evening. Moreover, some of you asked me: "Where have you been, Emilian?" I went to Durlesti, the bath is called "Woloshin banya". It is a real sauna, which is perceived in this chapter. There were 5 hours of total relaxation: massage with sound therapy, scrub with honey and salt. So gorgeous. I was really impressed.
  • Maxim
    A place after visiting which, life can't be the same! Professionals in their field who will help you feel the real culture of soaring in the baths! They will help you recover physically and mentally! I have an irresistible desire to introduce all my friends to you! Thank you!
  • Olesea
    The most magical bath complex, if not in the world, then definitely in Republic of Moldova.
    Author's teas, individual steaming procedure, soap massage, ice hole with crystal clear water, hot water vat, sound therapy, a chic interior... all this and much more creates an incredible atmosphere!!! It can't be described, it has to be seen and felt.
  • Julia
    Thank you so much @re.voloshin for letting us into your holy place and giving us the opportunity to experience the brightest emotions and feel the thrill of a real bath. This is the place about which you tell your friends and family excitedly with burning eyes. This is the place where you want to come back…
  • Irina
    I can't put into words what I'm feeling today…
    Everything is well thought out, provided for and done with concern for people. I want to express my appreciation to the staff - You are great at making us happy and healthy!!!
  • Anna
    The best traditional bathhouse in our city. I strongly recommend it to all those enthusiasts who love a full body and soul relaxation.
  • Stas
    This is when you realize you've lived half your life in vain… The guys are fans of their job, good luck!
    Everyone should definitely feel the difference between a sauna and a bathhouse!
Give a Fairy Tale
Delight loved ones with a fabulous journey - give them a voucher to visit the Woloshin banya. The certificate can be electronic or paper in a branded package.

You can purchase a certificate for any amount from 5000 lei.
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Opening hours: 10:00-23:00
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