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Bathing as a purification

Cleansing, whether physical or psychological, has its own characteristics. Physical cleansing of the body takes place both externally, by removing dirt and keratinised skin, and internally, through the activation of the sweating process. Sweating during a sauna session is not only a way of regulating body temperature, but also a filter: warming the body makes the heart beat faster and speeds up metabolism (chemical reactions) - thus creating a turbo mode at rest. Proper heating, which leads to sweating, is a physical and emotional cleansing.

Internal cleansing of the body depends primarily on the way we warm up our body and the process of sweating. When our bodies warm up, our metabolism becomes more active, the capillaries dilate and the pores in our skin become clear and open. Intense sweating results in natural cleansing. Harmful breakdown products and toxins accumulated in the cells are released and released into the lymph, blood, intercellular fluid and then eliminated from the body through the sweat glands in the form of sweat. The skin is the most effective organ for eliminating toxins. For example, studies by the Institute of Space Medicine show that only up to 84 harmful substances and compounds, mainly salts, can be eliminated through the kidneys.
The intestines remove coarse residues, while the lungs, tears and nasal mucous membranes are used to remove minor amounts of harmful substances. However, the skin is able to eliminate up to 184 harmful substances and compounds. If we don't exercise, exercise hard, go to a sauna rarely, or sweat on the beach, our body gradually accumulates decay products, toxins and waste products, which deposit in the tissues, joints, blood vessels and various organs. This in turn can lead to a decrease in immunity and the onset of various diseases. Our energy and activity levels drop and we increasingly go to the doctor, trying to cope with the symptoms but ignoring the true causes of illness.