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What to choose: a Turkish hamam or a Russian bath

Mysterious mist of steam, warmth, healing properties.... What to choose: a Turkish hamam or a Russian bath? Let's find out!

🔥 Russian bath:

Imbued with the aroma of wood, the Russian banya is not just a place to revitalize the body, but also the soul. In the warm environment of a banya, you can feel completely relaxed and peaceful. At the same time, the Russian banya is a real cultural experience. It is associated with many traditions and customs, among them defeating the cold and promoting health.

The benefits of a Russian banya include:

Rejuvenating effect: The steam room improves blood circulation, which helps the skin look younger and healthier.
Cleansing the body: Steam and sweat help to remove toxins and toxins from the body.
Immune system stimulation: Steam helps strengthen the immune system and fight colds.
Relaxation and stress-regulation: A deep sense of relaxation and peace is often experienced after a visit to a bathhouse.
🌊 Turkish Hamam:

The Turkish Hamam is a fresh breeze in the world of spa and wellness. A steamy, steam moisturized hammam steam room and a gentle massage all create a unique experience for your body and soul. The Turkish Hamam has its own unique atmosphere that promises relaxation and revitalization.

Benefits of Turkish Hamam:

Deep cleansing of the skin: Steam and special treatments help to free the skin from impurities and sebum residues.
Skin moisturizing: In the steam room, the skin becomes softer and more moisturized, making it healthier and more radiant.
Pore opening: Steam helps to open the skin's pores, making it more prepared for further care.
Stimulation of blood circulation: Massage in a hamam helps to improve blood circulation, which leads to overall recovery of the body.
So what to choose - a Russian bath or a Turkish hamam? The choice depends on your preferences and needs. Both of these ways of recreation and recovery promise unforgettable sensations and care for your health.