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Can children go to the baths?

Many people mistakenly think that children should not go to the sauna. However, children as young as three years old can go to the steam room. It is worth noting that children do not tolerate steam baths in Russian baths because of the high humidity, so it is recommended not to take small children there. Sauna, on the other hand, heats up to 60-90 degrees, but the humidity there is low, which makes it more suitable for children.
It's also worth noting that small children's bodies heat up faster, but they can't yet regulate their body temperature like adults. Therefore, make sure that your child can get out of the sauna at any time if he or she feels unwell. Children are best able to sense their condition and the optimum temperature for themselves.
It is not advisable to let children into a cold pool, as this may strain the circulatory system. Instead, a cool shower or a whirlpool bath with warm water can be offered.

Bathing is not just a hygiene procedure, but also a relaxation for the body and mind. Avid bath attendees visit the bath once a week to refresh themselves and prepare for new achievements.