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Infrared sauna instead of a bath

Is it possible to replace a visit to the bath and sauna, light steam, fragrant broom and the beneficial effects of centuries of tradition on a modern human invention - infrared sauna. It is clear that technology is developing and moving forward, but is it so useful to absolutely all mankind all that we modernize and transform.
What is infrared radiation

Infrared radiation is any hot or artificially heated object. It emits waves that penetrate inside the object rather than heating its surface. The power of the heater must be very high to reach the right temperature to start emitting infrared waves. In order to maximize the effect of IR waves from the heater to the body must be observed a certain distance - at least 15 centimeters. Therefore, the IR sauna is designed for sitting position only and the heaters are located on all sides and even at the bottom.

The device of the infrared sauna

Most often, the infrared sauna is a cabin, inside lined with wood, with a wooden shelf, in which a person can only sit. It is arranged in such a way, because it is necessary to constantly wipe off the protruding sweat. Excess sweat on the body prevents the IR rays from penetrating the body.
The heaters are located around the perimeter: at the rear, sides, front and floor. The sauna heats up much faster. Also the process of steaming in the IR sauna is accelerated: after 15 minutes you can feel a strong perspiration, but you will not feel the heat and high humidity.

IR sauna is good for those who cannot tolerate the stifling heat of the steam room and high temperatures. In the infrared sauna temperature ranges from 37 - 47 degrees and evenly warms the whole body, and humidity only at the end of the session reaches 60%, which greatly facilitates the work of the cardiovascular system.

The difference of IR bath from the usual Russian bath or Finnish sauna is obvious: with a minimum temperature is achieved equal effect and for a shorter time (only half an hour).

Waves of infrared radiation penetrate up to 4 cm into the human body in contrast to the steam room in the bath, where hot steam heats the surface of the skin, and then very slowly through numerous visits to the steam room warms the body.

Infrared sauna - benefit and harm

The benefit of sauna with heat radiation is obvious: less time spent, sweating is deeper, and thus our body is heated much deeper. Access is open to heart patients who can not go to a hot steam room. Visiting an infrared sauna can be compared to an hour of cardio exercises or jogging 10 kilometers. In one session you can energetically consume a whole meal.

However, not everyone can visit even the IR cabin. If there are tumors, ulcers on the body, parasites in the body, active tuberculosis, acute respiratory viral infections accompanied by fever and high blood pressure above 200mm, then the entrance to you even in the gentle atmosphere of infrared sauna is ordered.