Bathhouse blog

Women's mystery

To bathe in a bath is to be reborn🌞.
It is considered a good decision to use this magical property of the bath for your own good, i.e. for your health and beauty. It is a mild and comfortable bath that helps you relax, unwind and cleanse your body and soul. "The bathhouse soaks - the bathhouse rules!"
Proper oak brooms and , herbs, the aroma of native meadows fills the bathhouse and each woman individually. After such a bath it is easy physically, joyful on the soul, and butterflies flutter in the belly, because no nook and cranny of the body is left unattended.
Bath cleanses spirit, body, mind and heart from all hardships, fears, burdens and daily stress.
Bath fills you with pure energy for new actions and returns you to a resourceful state.
It helps you feel warmth in every cell of your body.
And skin afterwards glows clean and breathes fragrance.

It is customary to drink only pure water and herbal tea in the bathhouse, and this will help you emerge feeling light and full at the same time.

Just like spring rain washes away the winter dirt from our Mother Earth, so the bathhouse will wash away and a woman's natural beauty will shine in new colours.
🦋The initial temperature in the steam room is 60 degrees, gently rising throughout the treatment.

🦋 Nourishing your skin with natural folk remedies of your own making.

🦋 The herbs used are only those that grow in each area, which are harvested using natural cycles and folk secrets. But the bouquet of herbs is tailored to each woman and their condition.
🦋 Washing with herbal decoctions with magic words
🦋 And also feminine conversations that teach you to love yourself and your body.