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Soap massage in a hammam

Soap massage in a hammam is an ancient and traditional type of procedure, which is performed to cleanse, relax and rejuvenate the skin. This type of massage has not only physical but also aesthetic effects on the skin and the body as a whole.

Principles of performing a soap massage in a hammam:

Skin preparation: Before starting the massage, the skin of the hammam guest is warmed with steam and water to make it softer and ready for further action.

Use of natural soap: A special natural soap made with olive oil is used during the massage. This soap has moisturising and softening properties.

Traditional movements: The masseur soaps the Hamam guest with this special soap and starts massaging his body, performing various movements: shaking, stroking, rubbing, circular movements and light pushes. The masseur uses special gloves that create a gentle lather.

Peeling effect: The massage is performed in such a way that the gentle soap particles help to remove keratinised cells from the surface of the skin, making it smoother and fresher.

Circulation Stimulation: The massage movements help to improve circulation, which helps the skin to receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Relaxation and aromatherapy: This is the stage of true relaxation. The scent of natural soap and warmth help to reduce tension and stress.
Moisturising and nourishing the skin: The natural ingredients of the soap nourish and moisturise the skin, leaving it looking healthy and feeling soft.

Massage completion: At the end of the treatment, the masseur rinses soap residue from the guest's body with warm water and offers a little rest so that the body can recover from the massage.

Soap massage in hammam not only helps to improve the skin condition, but also has a positive effect on the general well-being. It is a great opportunity to relax, unwind and take care of your body.