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Effects of baths on humans

The Russian bath is an amazing device. Enjoying the pleasure of bathing in it, we almost do not think about the positive effect of steam on the human body. But this influence is complex: the contrasting tandem of bathing heat with the coolness of the pool, aromatherapy, massage and gentle cleansing of the body in a complex give an amazing result. In other words, bathing procedures allow us to activate physical, chemical and thermal processes in our organism that revitalize the body.
Heat and cold are two impressive forces, but their effects are fundamentally different. When heat is applied locally, there is vasospasm, which lasts for a little while. Then this stage is replaced by the expansion of the vascular system, warming up and reddening of the skin. If the temperature is not high enough, the vessels immediately dilate. After exposure to cold, first a complex vasoconstriction is performed, which is determined by the pallor of the epidermis, and after a few minutes the skin becomes pink and hot. Note that too long bathing in the pool water after bathing procedures can lead to venous stasis.
Cold and heat also affect muscles in different ways. Heat first increases the tone in them, and after significantly reduces it. It is for this reason in the bath so wonderfully relax all the muscles. Cold, on the contrary, increases the tone.
Heat and cold have the same effect on the body for the purpose of cleansing: they remove harmful toxins from the person, burning harmful non-nitrogenous substances and improving gas exchange.

Benefits of baths for the cardiovascular system

The positive effect of the bath on the body is undeniable. Under the influence of its heat, vessels expand, blood circulation increases. The same processes are performed with lymph. Truly heated blood rises to the surface of the epidermis and saturates it. Visually it is determined by reddening of the skin. At the same time, the vessels dilate twice as much, which stimulates the influx of another 50% of blood. The increase in blood vessels is accompanied by the movement of blood from the center to the peripheral areas. For the heart and blood vessels, this is a safe workout, making it much easier for the heart to function. However, note that the duration of bathing procedures should be in moderation.

The heart also reacts to the hot temperature. As soon as you feel an increase in heartbeat and pulse, immediately leave the steam room!

If you carry out the procedures in moderation, this way you gently exercise the heart. As an example, you can take physical labor, which increases the load on the heart up to 600%! For an untrained person, this is a very dangerous coefficient.
lease note! If used incorrectly, the bath can be harmful. Do not lie on the shelf for longer than half an hour, because from staying motionless at high temperatures, the body begins to rapidly lose moisture, the blood becomes viscous, the pressure rises sharply, and the pulse rate increases to a critical state. Unconsciousness and extreme ill health are possible.