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What rituals were performed in the bathhouse?

All legends about the bathhouse attendant and the wood spirits remained in the distant past. People used to believe in various mythical creatures and strictly adhered to the prohibitions. The bathhouse was a very important place. They went to it not only for simple hygiene.

According to the ancient Russian traditions, people were delivered in the bath for safety reasons. The bath was heated "black" and was considered sterile. It was always warm, cozy and had water in the bathhouse.
Fortune-telling was a favorite pastime of the Slavs. The bath was considered one of the most suitable places for it. Usually they used to fortune-telling during the Christmas holidays. It was believed that during these days the beings of the subtle world were especially active and ready to interact with people. Rites arouse fear and awe in many people. It was necessary to perform certain actions not to attract the wrath of these beings.

Various illnesses were treated in the bathhouse. The herbalists believed that a well heated and sterile bath was an essential condition for recovery. Baths were used to treat colds, arthritis, sprains and other ailments. It did not matter if it was a placebo effect or if the bath actually contributed to the improvement of one's well-being. The main thing is that it almost always made a person feel better.