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Scheme for visiting a bathhouse. 5 tips and recommendations

These are not the best times in the world, we can already safely say that we live in the era of change. Constant stress, problems, fatigue from work, news. It is necessary to find time for relaxation and rest. Bath is the best way to relax your soul and give your body a rest.Going to the bath relaxes, revitalizes your body, cleanses the pores, removes toxins from the body, improves blood circulation and general coordination of movements.
5 tips
This scheme is most suitable for people who go to a wood-fired bathhouse, ideally their own. Here we go.1. Attitude and atmosphere
It is important to create a favorable atmosphere around you. Before bathing procedures, clean the room, pre-bath and the bath itself, so that nothing disturbs or distresses you. Order outside and order inside is important for proper relaxation and rest.Music in the bathhouse
You can turn on relaxing music, light aromatic candles in the rest room, be sure to brew herbal tea. Before bathing procedures you should not eat, smoke, and even more so drink alcohol. We go to the bath to improve our health, not the other way around.
When you have cleanliness and order around you, then you can start bathing procedures. Start heating the stove. I use birch wood mixed with briquettes. They smolder longer and give the heat.2. Bath brooms, infusions and essential oils.
Everything here is purely individual, but I will tell you what I like specifically. You know that a bathhouse is a whole field for experiments.Brooms.I always take a broom (oak or birch) to the bathhouse, depending on my mood. In winter I always bring with me and fir broom, I put it under the head and on the head. Breathe.oak and fir broom
I steam brooms (fir, oak and birch) exclusively in cold water and leave them for thirty minutes without a lid. If there is a lot of snow outside, I always bury the fir in the snow.
If I take with me a linden or Canadian broom, I steam it in warm water, and then put it in a cellophane bag for about twenty minutes. Someone steams brooms in hot water, someone in warm, cold. There are many options, each suits its own individual.Oils.Rarely use infusions, if only on the walls. Exclusively on alcohol. I like essential oils most of all, concentrated, natural. It is important, oils should be good quality, not bought somewhere cheap in a well-known chain store.On 3-5 liters of hot water, I add drops of 10-15 oil, stir and give directly to the stones. Nothing burns, stunning effect, fragrant.
As a rule, cheap oils burn.

From favorite oils: eucalyptus, rosemary, pine, fir, juniper, peppermint, bergamot and lavender.Salt.Himalayan salt, pounded, 5-7 pieces on the rocks, and then on it to give water. Terrific effect, instantly clears the nose. The main thing is not to overdo the dosage.Herbs.Not always use oils, sometimes take herbs (wormwood, fir, oregano, etc.). I hang in the steam room, when heated herbs give odor.At the very end I take off the herbs and bring them under the steam, which comes from the stove after giving water. Sometimes I steam eucalyptus in hot water (simple and silver), then also give it to the walls and stones. You know, I can talk about it forever, there is so much variety.3. Steam room temperature and climate
I don't like high temperatures and dry steam room. The ideal temperature for me is 80-90 degrees. Too bad my stove does not have a closed sauna heater, which can produce fine steam.Temperature in the sauna 80-90 degrees.
I had to be a little fancy and put a steam gun with a funnel, which gives out a softer steam. Of course, not to compare with a full-fledged closed sauna heater, but at least something.If you have not yet bought a sauna stove, then be sure to take 2 in 1, so that there was a closed sauna heater. I will devote a separate article about sauna stoves.4. Entrances to the bath.

My first bath is about 15 minutes. Without brooms and giving in to the stones. I go in, sit down and after I start sweating, scratch my body. Then immediately go to the shower and well washed with shampoo and loofah.The second run is already held with a broom and giving water on the stones, but so far without oils. Water on the stones, on the salt. After a short break, drink hot herbal tea or morsa. The kettle can be heated on the fireplace with burners.
The third run with the addition of essential oils on the stones. For about 15 minutes. Breathe eucalyptus, clear your nose. Do not forget about the bath hat, must be worn in the steam room. Your humble servant bought a hat made of felt. After I go outside and jump in the snow. I prepare a snowdrift in advance so that I could dive in. I take a fir broom from the street. If there is no snow, then I douse myself with cold water. The fourth entry into the steam room is with a fir broom, I put it under my head, on my head and breathe. Unity with nature and with myself. A separate washer for essential oils.
As a rule, I have enough five visits to the bathhouse to steaming well and getting pleasure. The main thing is to know the measure. In everything. 5. Walk
After the bath I drink hot tea with a light snack. I dress warmly and go for a walk in the fresh air. To breathe, to walk.