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A bath for women is a source of youth and beauty

A bath for women is a source of youth and beauty, there is no doubt about it. Every woman strives for a well-groomed appearance, and the sauna is the perfect way to keep her skin in top condition at minimal cost. The beneficial effects of steam have many positive effects:
Skin cleansing: As a result of the hot air on the skin, the pores dilate, which helps get rid of impurities, toxins and salts that retain water in the body. In this way, the negative effects of low-quality cosmetics such as clogged pores, a buildup of preservatives and silicones can be avoided. In addition, the keratinized top layer of the skin is softened, promoting the growth and respiration of new cells.

Regeneration and anti-inflammation: In a sauna, the body heats up to 39℃, this temperature kills pathogenic bacteria inside the body as well as fungi and other harmful organisms on the surface of the skin. This promotes effective resistance to rashes and stimulates the formation of new healthy cells.
Rejuvenation: The active working of the heart during a sauna session ensures a better blood supply to the smallest capillaries of the skin, which results in greater oxygenation. Skin begins to breathe and revitalise, taking on a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Elasticity: After a sauna the metabolic processes and immunity improve, resulting in firmness and elasticity of the woman's skin. Massage can be especially effective.

These are just some of the benefits that relate to the appearance.