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"Alexeev's Baths" - the largest steam room in Russia

The grandiose bath complex in Podolsk combines the features of a Russian traditional steam room and a luxurious soap house in palace style. The building impresses with its architecture and interior design, and the highest level of comfort allows each guest to fully relax and enjoy the rest.

The bath complex "Bani Alekseev" is not just a bathhouse, but a real work of art, which was worked on by prominent Russian masters: honored artists of Russia, architects, sculptors, cabinetmakers, marble carvers and not only. Coming here, guests really feel like royalty. The heart of the bathhouse is a thirty-ton furnace made of special fireproof bricks. The furnace heats up at night and maintains a comfortable temperature during the day without overheating the room. The first male and the highest female discharges work in the building of the complex. Experienced bath attendants conduct for guests the procedures of collective steaming "Tasty Steam": the steam room is prepared in a special way, the air is saturated with natural plant essential oils, and the bath attendants with the help of an opahala gently wrap the visitors in the steam room, warming all parts of the body with hot air. Individual steaming services and various types of washing are provided for everyone. A buffet and a shop with related goods and souvenirs are also available.
Unique architecture and interior

Experienced masters of applied art worked on the building of the bath complex. Elegant columns, cornices, sculptures, chandeliers and richly decorated furniture create the feeling that you are in a palace. The immersion into the world of beauty begins from the luxurious facade in the spirit of Empire, Classicism and Art Nouveau. The walls of the hall on the first floor are imitated marble, a technique almost forgotten today by Russian artists of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Light plays spectacularly in mirrors and glass elements, and the ceiling is decorated with the author's bronze chandelier.

The hammam transports guests into an oriental fairy tale. Oriental patterns are everywhere here: on the walls, ceiling, in the objects of applied art. The main decoration of the hammam is fountains inspired by the Fountain of Tears in Bakhchisarai, which was sung by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.
The Soap Room is a graceful space full of light and designed in the style of an antique atrium. The hammam with a domed ceiling is lined with mosaics. The women's steam room is designed for 50 people. Here you can go up to the upper level, where soft and gentle steam is concentrated. To maintain the necessary humidity, water is thrown on the cast-iron stoves, so it is very comfortable to steam here.

Yuri Alekseev, founder of the bath complex:

"If more than 100 people can rest here at the same time, they should also steam in comfortable conditions. That is why all the parameters were laid down in the design. And as it happened, when we measured it, the steam room turned out to be the largest in Russia, which was registered in the Book of Records of Russia.