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Children and baths

Children and baths are a traditional part of culture in many countries, especially in Russia and Finland. However, there are several important factors to consider before taking your child to a bathhouse.

How old does your child need to be to be able to visit a bathhouse? It is usually recommended to start at 4-5 years old, as babies and young children have a hard time regulating their body temperature and can overheat. Baths can be a stressful place for young children, so it is important to consider their age and health.

Prepare for a bathhouse visit with children by following these precautions:

Child's health: Make sure your child is healthy and does not have any respiratory problems or skin conditions that could be aggravated in a bathhouse environment.

Keep an eye on the temperature: Temperatures can be very high in a bathhouse, so stay close to your child and monitor his condition. Give him/her water regularly to avoid dehydration.

Length of stay: Long stays in the bathhouse are not recommended for children. Limit the time inside and periodically go out for fresh air.

Head and Eye Protection: The bathhouse can be hot and steamy, so it is important to protect your child's head and eyes from excess steam moisture.

Safety: Be careful with hot water, rocks, and other objects inside the bathhouse. Make sure your child cannot accidentally come in contact with hot surfaces.

Slips and slips: Bathing procedures such as broom strokes (slips) or dips in cold water (slips) may be too intense for children. Be sure to check with your doctor before introducing such procedures into your child's bathing regimen.

Bathhouse peculiarities: Depending on the region, bathhouses may have their own peculiarities and traditions. Follow local guidelines and accepted rules.

Keep in mind that your child's safety and comfort should always be a priority. Visiting a bathhouse with children can be a wonderful experience, but only with proper preparation and following all necessary precautions.