Bathhouse blog


According to historians, baths appeared in different nations at almost the same time, namely, after mankind learned to get fire. Today, in any country, the bathhouse is a place for true relaxation, and thanks to the traditions of each culture, the bath ritual becomes original and unique.
Interesting fact: the date of construction of the very first public bathhouse is about 2600 BC. This bath was found by archaeologists in the early 20th century in the Indus Valley, and more specifically, it was located in the city of Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan, province of Sindh. The ancient public bath consisted of different rooms, it also had a large brick pool. Scientists assume that this bathhouse was also used as a temple, because the rite of purification of the spirit was sometimes held simultaneously with the rite of purification of the body.
Even for connoisseurs of baths and saunas, the Tibetan steam room will seem very unusual. Visiting such a steam room can hardly be called a hygienic procedure, rather it is a session of healing from various ailments. In the ground prepare a pit of 70 by 70 centimeters, its depth is about 50 centimeters. At the bottom of the pit they light a fire, in which they throw not only firewood, but also animal bones. The burned coals should be leveled and put on them a lot of fresh coniferous branches. Already on the branches a person sits down, he is covered with his head, and he should sit for about half an hour, after which he is laid down, well wrapped with blankets to increase sweating. Then the visitor of the Tibetan bath is turned around, wiped with towels and massaged, combined with rubbing of therapeutic ointments.