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The main secrets of Woloshin banya

To breathe out, to feel childlike serenity and fullness of life in the hustle and bustle of the city seems almost a pipe dream

In Woloshin banya you will find yourself in a rustic meadow, plunge into the cold spring of a fresh river, taste fragrant honey from an apiary and much more - in just one session
The main secrets of this bathhouse are, at first glance, trifles:
alternating steam supply, from the brightest aroma of
of forest mint and oregano to the final chords of polynya
immersion in a warm vat of birch and mint decoction.
for the full feeling of happiness
polarity of temperatures makes you shudder with
pleasure and unusual sensations
hot hay baths for feet in a cedar tub for competent preparation of the organism for steaming
final steam with powerful inhalation of horseradish decoction to strengthen the body (bogatyr's health).
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