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Sulphur Baths, Georgia
Going to the local baths is as good a tradition as eating ten khinkals in one sitting. Even the place for the capital was chosen specially where thermal springs are concentrated, and Tbilisi means "warm place". Already in the XIII century there were about 65 baths in the city. Despite the fact that sulfur baths cure various heart diseases and psoriasis, tourists come here rather for the atmosphere and immersion in the culture of the country. Locals come here purely for business - to wash and chat. And when the hot water is cut off...

All the bathhouses are concentrated in the Abanotubani neighborhood. You can easily recognize them by their characteristic brick domes.

But it is better to tune in right away that Tbilisi bathhouses are not spas. There will be no marble floors and cute masseuses.

There are two kinds of bathhouses in Tbilisi - public and private. The first ones are cheaper and assume division into male and female sections. Accordingly, get ready to see a lot of half-naked bodies of different sexes, with which you will be immersed in the waters. True, no one will force you to walk completely naked - women wear bikinis, men - swim trunks.

In private baths you can not part with a companion of the opposite sex - these are private rooms with a bath, steam room and relaxation area. The signature procedure is kisa - exfoliating scrub, which is applied with a special glove on the body, and then washed off with sulfuric foam. You should bring your own towels, swimsuits, slippers and shower accessories.
Chimchilbans, South Korea

Chimchilbang is a place where people come to thoroughly relax in hot and cold pools, sit in saunas and put themselves in the hands of a masseur. Team building events, family weekends and even date nights are organized here (you'll clear up a lot of questions right away).
Chimchilbans are divided into women's and men's areas with cold and hot baths, plus there are communal saunas and relaxation rooms.
Reducing stress, cleansing pores, and even fighting excess weight isn't a bad set up for a weekend getaway. What's more, the baths are open 24 hours a day and you can stay overnight. You will be put in the women's or men's area on a special mat. This is the hostel option. Some chimchilbans have karaoke, ping pong tables and even movie theaters.

You will be given towels and a funny costume, resembling pajamas, in which you should go to the common rooms. But in general in chimchilban it is customary to go naked. Take a shower and go to the wet area - there are baths of different temperatures, alternate between cold and hot, until you turn into kimchi. Then put on your pajamas and head to the area where the public saunas are located.

People are really relaxing here: don't be surprised if you see your grandmother dozing off - she's had a long day. There are also saunas, so periodically go to them and steam your bones. Koreans like peace and tranquility - don't pester a local asking about the sights of Seoul.