Bathhouse blog

The secrets of the bathhouse

In the hustle and bustle of the city, the dream of childlike serenity and fullness of life seems impossible, doesn't it?

That is why Woloshin banya was built far away from the city, where the air is cleaner and more beautiful, where it is quiet and green, where the soul is at peace.

In Woloshin banya you can enjoy all the gifts of nature. Here you will plunge into cold water of crystal clear and fresh pond, taste fragrant honey, inhale aromas of fresh herbs and many other things.

The secrets of the bathhouse lie in the little things: alternating steam supply, starting with the bright aromas of forest mint and oregano, and ending with the final chords of polyni. Immersion in a warm vat of decoctions (optional) will allow you to fully experience happiness. Polarity of temperatures will give you pleasure and unusual sensations, hot hay baths for feet will competently prepare your body for steaming, and after steaming you will be put on a swing, where you will find real pleasure under the sounds of the forest, will make a pleasant massage on the warmed up body and will conduct soundhiling. What can be more pleasant?

Visiting Woloshin banya you will find a mental balance and new energy for life in the city. We look forward to a light steam!