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How to build a clay mazanka bathhouse in the style of Kukuten-Tripillya culture, whether steam can knock down the door, what does the Tsar Stove look like and how many people can be steamed at the same time?
In the previous post I told about the history of a great culture, which made a strong impression on me. And since I am an active person, I am used to realize all my "sexy" fantasies in projects.
And a year ago, looking at the terrace covered with a reed roof, I suddenly saw instead a Tripoli dwelling with a stove painted with authentic ornaments. I saw a bathhouse that could become not only a magnet for Voloshin Baths, but also a reason to tell our guests about the rich history of Moldova.
By that time I got acquainted with a team of talented guys from Ukraine - Sergey Balaban and Igor Costin. They undertook to help us and developed a concept of a clay mazanka in the Tripolye style with a powerful stove.
We will make a huge steam room - 25 square meters and more than 70 cubic meters of volume. More than 20 people will be able to steam there at the same time. Two island shelves will allow you to simultaneously steam 2 people in 8 hands! And a powerful clay accumulator from the walls will radiate heat evenly for all guests.
Construction has begun. First the heated stone floors.
Then the wooden frame and the walls.
The windows are not just oval, but in the shape of a super-elipse. Something between an oval and a rectangle.
We prepare the walls for clay.
And we're bringing in a stainless steel Tsar Stove. This monster can heat more than 100 cubic meters of air and maintain high-temperature steam for twenty-four hours. Only the weight of stones is more than a ton. And the steel, brick walls and clay will keep the heat in for days and radiate it evenly.
The node with the furnace is played out in the form of futuristic pipes that will provide a constant flow of hot air in the form of convection.
And we begin the most delicious thing - clay pie. We smear it with our hands so that the walls are uneven, alive.
In the meantime, we received from Ukraine powerful pine shelves up to 20 cm thick and weighing 200 kg.
We also struggled with the door - because of the complex shape of the arch, we ordered the door from carpenters.
It took a long time to choose the right color of the walls - terracotta, the clay from which the Tripolitans built houses. We repainted the walls several times - it was too red, or too brown.
In parallel with this electrify the bath - it will be fully automatic with water supply to the stones, ventilation and hot air injection.
Well, and for the finale - ornaments. For this purpose we invited from Ukraine an expert artist on painting of temples Sergey Burda. And it started - first inside. We decided to give a frieze at the level of the belt in the form of a wriggling snake (an exact copy from the ceramics)
On the ceiling we draw a large round ornament with pots. We decorate the stove with a bull's head, and the vaults of the doors with a rim with a Tripolian script.

Let's go outside. On the facades we place exact copies of Trypillya-Kukuten deities, on the facade - ornament.

Whew, we're exhausted. We start the furnace and are stunned - the steam is so wild, that with a good supply - opens the door! Our masters are at a loss - we are used to more manual steam, but here, in a clay barn, the possibilities are unique - we can steam simultaneously 20 people, the steam can be arranged in layers, we can mix and race through the steam room. It's actually tangible as an entity.

After the training they learned to make such manipulations with steam that our guests fell in love with our mazanka without looking back. A pond with cold key water complements the bathhouse with contrasting procedures and the possibility of bathing in the water.

In a word, the bathhouse turned out to be very cool. Stunning design, filled with meaning and history, the coolest stove with unique steam and felt energy of thousands of years in this clay mazanka of our ancestors you will remember forever!

Come and make sure - there is no other like it in the world.