Bathhouse blog

Thermal baths, Hungary

People come to Budapest not only to see the palaces and cathedrals, but also to spend a good half-day in the famous baths at the springs bubbling beneath the capital. About two millennia ago, the healing properties of this water were enjoyed by the Romans. Calcium, magnesium, carbonate - this is an incomplete list of useful chemistry, which is rich in water under the capital. And what a decor in them! You can truly feel like a king. Naked, but a king.

After buying a ticket you will go to the women's or men's changing room, wash and put on a swimming suit. Bathing rooms are common - you will not run naked. Further in front of you will be halls with pools of different temperatures. Sit in each for at least fifteen minutes, starting with warm and moving to hot, alternating each round with a contrast shower. You can check out saunas with different scents, temperatures, and lights. Other activities include massages, mud wraps, Jacuzzis, and whirlpool jets.

For Budapestians, the baths are a place to talk, share rumors and find out about your neighbor's life, so feel free to chat with whomever you like. Bring a towel, shower gel, swimsuit, flip-flops and a cap if you plan to swim.

Budapest's most famous baths: the largest Széchenyi complex with an outdoor pool and nightly parties; the Art Nouveau Gellért with stained glass and mosaics, a wave generator, carbon dioxide baths; Palatinus - great for summer, as most of the baths are open-air and there is a water park; and the Turkish-style Rudas with a rooftop pool.