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Additional BATH menu

At Woloshin banya, an additional sauna menu has appeared 🍃

Dear guests, your sauna experience can be made even more enjoyable and personalized with the help of the additional sauna menu.

We have included various options:

• Spruce bed

• Lounge made of soft hay

• Citrus bed with the aroma of orange or grapefruit, your choice.

What each of them provides:

  1. Sauna with hay possesses healing power, where oils and herbal compositions are absorbed through the heated body, and the gentle pricking of hay enhances the physical impact.
  2. Sauna with spruce bed creates a unique aroma in the steam room. The effect of aromatherapy and the gentle pricking intensify the physical impact.
  3. Sauna with citrus bed enriches every cell of your body with vitamins, making it delicate, healthy, and beautiful.

Would you like to try one of the additional procedures? Then hurry to book a slot at the number: 078 229 222 We look forward to welcoming you to the best aromatic sauna experience!