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Healthy skin in the sauna

Time spent in the sauna provides the perfect opportunity for skin care. The conditions in the sauna, such as temperature contrast, high humidity and stimulation of blood circulation, are ideal for beauty treatments.

  • Increased blood flow enriches the skin with oxygen.
  • High temperature and humidity encourage pores to open and purify.
  • Temperature extremes increase skin elasticity.
Performing a peeling
For exfoliation or deep cleansing, it is usual to use special products for steaming the skin. In a sauna this process occurs naturally.
The procedure itself is very simple:
  • Spend some time in the steam room to steam your face and open your pores - about 5-7 minutes.
  • Leave the steam room and apply the scrub to your face, hold it for a while and then rinse it off.
  • Return to the steam room to allow the cleansed pores to re-open, this will prepare the skin for the next steps of the treatment.
Toning your skin
Healthy skin is free of inflammation and has normal sebum production. To reduce inflammation and irritation, freshly squeezed cucumber juice or, if you have very oily skin, diluted lemon juice or chamomile broth are recommended. A good option is to freeze these in the fridge and use ice cubes to wipe your face after peeling. This will help firm and rejuvenate the skin.

Applying a mask
Natural remedies are the best choice for skincare in a sauna. Fruit, kefir or honey based masks are excellent. Oatmeal or cosmetic clay (white clay) based masks are good options. The mask should be applied to the face immediately after visiting the steam room and leave for 15-20 minutes: open pores perfectly absorb the product, it easily penetrates into the epidermis. Remove the mask with a clean sponge.

Skin care after the sauna
Contrary to popular belief, it is better not to apply any creams straight after the bath. Allow your skin to cool down and get back to its normal shape. It's better to apply the cream on your skin afterwards, when you get home.

Regularly taking care of your skin in the sauna will ensure that you have taut and healthy skin.