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Bathing and its effects on the body

Almost everyone has visited a bathhouse or sauna at least once in their life, which are intended not only for maintaining hygiene, but are also considered to be a popular way to relax. Russian baths and Finnish saunas, as well as hammams and taiga baths, are the most common in the CIS. However, going to a bathhouse can be turned into a whole complex of procedures, because steam procedures have been proven to have many beneficial properties: they relieve stress, increase efficiency and promote healthy sleep.
In addition to basic procedures such as bathing and whisking, bathing also includes water procedures, and in summer you can take a swim in a river or pour cold water, which helps to restore blood circulation. The birch, linden, oak or pine whisk can be used, each with its own anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties.
Whisking also has health benefits, helping you get rid of joint pain and sciatica. Brooms can be enriched with herbs that have been known to man since ancient times as medicine and amulets.
Bathing has a multifaceted effect on the body, boosting metabolism, eliminating toxins, promoting perspiration and delaying ageing. The steam treatment can also replace cosmetic products and help maintain skin elasticity. Profuse sweating helps to improve the biochemical composition of muscles and can be used by people wishing to lose excess weight.
In general, the bath is an ancient and useful invention, which to this day has not ceased to be popular among those who take great care of their health. And remember, a visit to a sauna is only good for a healthy person.