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The broom is an important attribute of the sauna

The broom is an amazing invention that originated in ancient Russia and is still an integral part of Russian bathing. In its humble twigs lies the secret of real pleasure. The broom is used for massages and wellness treatments that fill the body with vitamins, minerals and essential oils contained in the leaves and bark of the tree, thanks to a gentle pat on the broom.
An important aspect of bathing is choosing the right broom. In the skilful hands of a masseur, you can feel a unique lightness in your body that will accompany you all day long. There are usually several types of brooms used in a bath or sauna, belonging to different types. Each type has its own characteristics that are unique to certain types of trees. For example, the eucalyptus broom can be used for aromatherapy.
It is important to know how to properly steep the broom for the bath to soften its branches and leaves, as dry leaves can scratch the skin. During the steaming process, the leaves and bark of the broom produce a unique and unique aroma that is so characteristic of traditional Russian bathing. Proper broom steaming is only possible when using the specific type of wood from which it is made.
The broom is an important attribute of the sauna
This sauna accessory comes in several varieties, differing in the way they are made and the individual steaming methods used:

The hardwood variety, of which oak and birch are the most common.

The softwood variety, made from pine, spruce, fir and juniper. Only young and light green branches with small buds at the ends are used. Conifers emit resin when heated, so the use of gloves or other protective equipment is recommended.

A variety from herbal gatherings consisting of various plants with medicinal properties. They include herbs such as wormwood, mint and tansy, which can be used in combination to heal and rejuvenate the skin. Particularly widely used is nettle, which has unique properties that help to deep cleanse pores.