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The Art of Baths: Rest, Health and Harmony

Hello, bath lovers and admirers of self-care! Let's talk about something that is enjoyable, beneficial and helps our bodies relax and recover - baths!

🌿 Baths as a ritual of self-care
A bathhouse is not just a place to relax, it's a real ritual that combines warmth, aromas and beneficial treatments. In this blog we will share with you the secrets of the real bath art.

🌡 Heat and its healing properties

One of the key points of the bath is, of course, the temperature contrast. Alternate between hot and cold treatments to improve circulation, strengthen blood vessels and maintain skin tone. And with birch brooms in your hands - it is in general a real gift for the skin and the body as a whole!

🌺 Aromatherapy in the bathhouse

Aromas can make our time in the bath even more pleasant and useful. We can add essential oils to water using special dispensers. Lavender to relax, melissa to boost your mood - choose your perfect aroma!

🍵 Tea ceremony in the bathhouse

The bathhouse is also a great place for a tea ceremony. Brew herbal tea, add honey and lemon, and enjoy the aroma and warmth while sitting in the anteroom.

🏋️‍♂️ Bathing for health

Banya has a positive effect on health: it strengthens the immune system, improves general well-being and helps to cope with stress. Keep your body in tone by regularly visiting a bathhouse!

💡 Secrets of skin care in the bathhouse

Don't forget about your skin! The bath opens the pores, and it's a great time to deep cleanse and moisturize your skin. Masks, scrubs and special creams will help keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

Follow our blog for more ideas, tips and interesting discoveries in the world of baths! Share your favorite bath rituals in the comments. See you in the next post where we'll continue our dive into the fascinating world of bath art! 🌿🔥🛁