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Woloshin banya: Family day

Dear guests,

We are delighted to announce that every Sunday, the Dragon SPA complex opens its doors to families with children of all ages. After all, instilling a love for the sauna from childhood is so important! Family Day awaits you with:

  1. A full 8 hours of relaxation and family harmony (from 10:00-18:00).
  2. A crystal pond and a warm bath under the open sky.
  3. Collective aromatherapy and sauna shows in the clay steam room every 2 hours. Exclusive sound therapy.
  4. Delicious treats.

Additionally, you can order procedures from the sauna menu.

We understand how important it is to take care of your loved ones, enjoy their company, and share your love.

We look forward to welcoming you on Sundays, starting from 05/05 at 10:00. The cost of admission is from 600 lei per adult and 300 lei per child (7 years and older).

The number of guests is limited.

Hurry to book your spots by calling 078 229 222.