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Let's welcome Pancake Day and call Spring!

Woloshin banya "Dragon": Let's welcome Pancake Day and call Spring!

This year Woloshin Banya is happy to prepare a special program in honor of Pancake Day. We invite residents and guests of our city to a bright and cheerful holiday!

Pancake Day is a special time, it is not without reason that so many traditions and beliefs have been associated with it for centuries. On Shrovetide they used to get rid of troubles and illnesses, and invoke warmth, health, prosperity and good luck. In Woloshin banya "Dragon" we have prepared for you not only a bright and cheerful holiday, but also a special program that will fill you with strength for new victories.

You are waiting for:

Bath show in a Tripillya clay bath with the game of fog, music and aromas of herbs;
Author's Pancake steaming from the leading steam-masters of the country;
A pond with sea salt, which has a therapeutic effect;
Recreation area with a huge wall of living plants filling the air with oxygen;
A picturesque stone pond in which you can take a dip;
A luxurious warm outdoor font;
Lace pancakes with honey, jam and sour cream;
Aromatic tea, dried fruits and fruits;
Homemade kvass;
And of course, the ritual of "Burning the effigy of winter".

But that's not all! To completely get rid of winter fatigue, you will receive a full range of services. Pleasure and relaxation await you, after which you will feel renewed and full of energy.

We are waiting for you on Sunday, March 17 at Woloshin banya "Dragon".

Choose a time convenient for you:
from 10:00 to 15:00 or from 17:00 to 22:00

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