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What are the German baths known for?

Friedrichsbad, Germany

In ancient times there were Roman thermae in Baden-Baden, Germany, which were public baths. Duke Friedrich I dreamed of reviving the health and relaxation culture of these baths, so in 1869 he ordered the construction of a grandiose building for the public baths in Baden-Baden. It has a separate men's and women's wing connected by a large pool. The interior of the baths is decorated with marble colonnades and statues of ancient gods. If you're visiting for the first time, you'll be recommended to take the entire bathing ritual of the Friedrichsbad, which consists of 17 procedures, one after the other. This ritual combines dry steam rooms, soapy massages, wet steam rooms, whirlpools and the final part is the relaxation room, where you can relax and get a good night's sleep.

Liquidrom, Germany

Germany is renowned for its skills in creating quality music, and it is here that a unique complex has been created, combining a sauna and a nightclub. The interior of the complex is made of natural stone and the steam rooms are designed in a traditional style using wood. The complex has dry and wet steam rooms, a salt cave, sauna with panoramic windows, massage rooms and an open terrace with sun loungers for relaxation. A special feature of the Liquidrom complex is the large saltwater pool, which is always in semi-darkness and lit with disco lights. In the evening you can enjoy the sets of local DJs and on weekends there are concerts. Interestingly, there are even speakers installed under the water so the music can be heard even better.