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The Best Bath in R.Moldova

In the Republic of Moldova, the lovers of relaxation and healthy lifestyle can enjoy the new unique bathhouse, which has been delighting people with its incredible power for more than half a year. It is a place where every guest will be able to experience true bliss and regain his or her strength in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.
Woloshin banya offer a wide range of services to meet the most diverse needs and preferences.

It is a true refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation and recovery, allowing you to forget all your worries.
Woloshin banya is a real oasis of calm, where every detail is carefully thought out for your comfort. The spacious and cozy steam room creates an ideal atmosphere for recreation and recovery. Fragrant herbal decoctions will allow you to fully relax and refresh.
Of course, there is a wide range of services to meet any needs. Masters, true professionals will offer you a wide range of services, helping you fully relax and restore your energy.

Come to Woloshin banya and let the team take care of your condition. It is guaranteed that after visiting this unique bathing complex you will feel fresh, refreshed, relaxed and full of energy.