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Valentine's Day at the Woloshin banya.

Give your other half unforgettable emotions by inviting her to the romantic program "Love Story" at Woloshin banya.
We have prepared something special for you:
✅ Joint foot washing ritual with citrus and juniper decoction;
✅ Fabulous steam session and a mysterious first steam ritual for two;
✅ Individual steam sessions with oak brooms and intense exposure to hot steam;
✅ Contrasting treatments in the stone pond, the ice-water cypress and the hot citrus-infused cypress;
✅ Rocking on the rocking chair in sheep's fur;
✅ Soap and birch bark massage and relaxing massage with aromatic oils;
✅ Invigorating exfoliation and sound healing under the sounds of magical instruments.
The final arrangement of the Love Story programme will become bathing in the Tripoli-style clay steam room.
🍀🍎 Surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day - treat them to an unforgettable date in the steam room: +373 78 229 222