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How to properly apply contrasts in the sauna?

Start with gradual heating in the sauna. Spend 5-10 minutes there to let your body get used to the high temperature.
After the sauna, proceed to cooling. This can be done by pouring cold water over yourself, swimming in a pool or lake, or rubbing with snow. It is important to do this quickly and energetically.
After cooling, rest for 5-10 minutes. This will help your body adapt and prepare for the next round. Repetition: Alternate heating and cooling 3-4 times per session.
Remember to listen to your body and not overdo it.

Important Recommendations
Do not overdo it:
Contrasts are beneficial but in moderate amounts. If you feel discomfort or extreme fatigue, stop. Contraindications: People with certain conditions, such as hypertension, heart, and vascular diseases, should consult a doctor before starting contrast procedures.
Drink water:
It is important to drink water during sauna procedures to avoid dehydration.
Contrasts in the sauna are an effective way to improve health and boost mood. Try incorporating them into your sauna rituals, and you will feel an improvement in your well-being and an energy boost throughout your entire body!