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At what age should children be introduced to the bathhouse?

Introducing children to the bathhouse can start relatively early, but several factors should be considered to ensure safety and comfort for your child. Here are some recommendations:

Child's health: You can start introducing your child to the bath when his or her health allows. If the child has any medical contraindications to bathing (e.g. skin problems, respiratory problems, etc.), it is better to consult a doctor.

Age: From about 2-3 years old, children can already start visiting the bathhouse, but this may depend on the individual characteristics of the child. At this age, they are usually more mobile and may feel more comfortable in a new environment.

Preparation: Before the first visit to a bathhouse, tell your child what the place is like, what the rules are, and what to expect. This will help him feel more confident and relaxed.

Duration: Start with a short time in the bathhouse, especially in the beginning. Gradually increase the length of time in the bath as your child adapts.

Safety: In the bathhouse, monitor the temperature and humidity to avoid overheating and dehydration. Provide a comfortable environment for your child without overheating or hypothermia.

Accompaniment: It is best to visit the bathhouse with your child for the first time. This will create a sense of safety and support.

Hygiene skills: The bathhouse is a good place to teach children proper hygiene procedures such as washing, cleaning and skin care.

Positive experiences: Make first visits to the bathhouse positive and exciting so that the child associates the place with pleasant memories.

It is important to remember that each child is different and reactions to the bathhouse may vary. Listen to your child's needs and comfort, and monitor your child's condition during the bath.