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Unusual baths and saunas of the world

Baths and saunas are not a novelty, but a great invention of our ancestors. In ancient times, people discovered a great way to cleanse, improve their health, relax and just have a good time - these are hot steam rooms. The nature of the steam - wet or dry, as well as other components of a sauna holiday - vary depending on the region. Baths and saunas are most popular in the cold, northern regions of our planet. We bring to your attention some of the most popular and exciting baths in the world.

Rauhaniemi, Finland

Finland is famous for its saunas, and the oldest of them is especially popular - Rauhaniemi in the city of Tampere, which was built back in 1906. It is located on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi and is an ideal place for lovers of winter swimming. Rauhaniemi has a spacious steam room for 70 people and an additional smaller one. Heated paths lead directly from the sauna to the lake, where you can cool off in the open water at a water temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius. To get the maximum healing effect, it is recommended to visit the steam room and polynya several times. In summer, Rauhaniemi has a resort area where you can relax on the beach and enjoy all the amenities.

Gellert, Hungary

In Budapest, the capital of Hungary, there are many thermal springs - about 120. These springs were already recognized by the ancient Romans who lived in these places. The most famous resort complex is the Gellert complex, which is located in the city center at the foot of the Gellert hill on the banks of the Danube River. This complex was opened in 1918 and is considered one of the most beautiful architectural sights of the capital. If you visit this complex, you can feel like in a cathedral, as it is decorated with marble columns, high vaults, multi-colored stained-glass windows and colorful mosaics. The Gellert complex has various services for visitors: baths and saunas, baths and pools, thermal baths and massage services, which can have a healing effect.