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Bathhouse: The art of being present at a proper meeting

**1. Preparing for a trip to the bathroom:

Determine the time. Choose a convenient time to go to the baths. Some people prefer to go to the bathhouse in the evening for a full rest after a day's work, others prefer a morning visit for refreshment.

Nutrition. Before going to the baths, it's best not to overeat. A light snack an hour or two before visiting the bath will suffice.

**2. Bathing equipment:

Towel. Take two towels - one for wiping and one for the floor. Remember that the humidity in the bathroom is high, so an extra towel can be helpful.

Cap. A cap is a must to protect your hair from overheating. This is especially important for women.

Change of clothes. After visiting a bathhouse, a comfortable change of clothes will become a necessity.

**Basic rules of behaviour in a bathroom:

Hygiene. Before entering the steam room, take a shower to cleanse your skin of dirt and cosmetics. This will allow you to get maximum benefit from the procedures.

Rest regime. After visiting the steam room, it is important to rest. There is usually a separate room in the bathroom for rest - use it.

**4. Additional tips:

Observe safety precautions. Avoid jumping from shelves into the steam room as this can cause injury.

Humidification. Don't forget to properly humidify the air in the sauna. You can use special aromatic oils to improve the atmosphere.

Keep to the regime. Don't forget to monitor the time spent in the bath. A long stay in the steam room can be harmful to your health.


Visiting a bath is not only a procedure for the body, but also a great opportunity for mental relaxation. By following the rules and recommendations, you will create ideal conditions for restoring strength and strengthening health. Remember that the bath is not just a place where you wash, but a real ritual, which positively influences your physical and mental state.