Bathhouse blog

Bath and sauna accessories

It is a pleasure to visit bathhouses and saunas where you find interesting and beautiful accessories for bathhouses and saunas. Pleases the eye not only cleanliness and soft chairs and sofas in the hallway, but also whitened wood in the steam room, clean checkers, buckets and other differences. Cheer up visitors to the bathhouse funny pictures with funny wishes, original devices for steaming, which are not just needed, but raise the mood and make visitors come back again.

Accessories for the bathhouse can be divided into several categories: necessary (without which you simply can not do without), cooperage (in which you can beautifully give a steam and soak a broom) and interior (those that are not much needed, but if you have, it's nice).

* wooden benches, on them you can put a basin of water or decoction and towels to spread, and if there are many people in the steam room and lie on such a bench;
* thermometers and hygrometers - these things are simply necessary, as it is possible to steam in a bath and not to monitor the ever-increasing temperature and humidity in the steam room;
* clocks to control yourself and dosage visits to the steam room. More often in the bathhouse you can see hourglasses: they are not afraid of steam and water and the battery will not run out;

* it is possible, of course, to steam a broom in a basin, but it is better to have a wooden steamer with a lid to make the process faster;
* wooden buckets and basins, ladles and washers are also good, in which you can pour herbal decoctions, and even just water to give a steam;
* a good bathhouse can offer a wooden font-bottle, in which you can dive into the whole after a steam bath or a pouring device, which is attached to the ceiling.