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A banya is a traditional Russian institution for sauna and steaming that has long roots and plays an important role in Russian culture. Here is some basic information about banya:

Structure of a banya: A banya is usually a wooden structure consisting of two rooms - a steam room and a locker room. Inside the steam room there is a stove, above which there is a tank of water. The temperature in the steam room can reach up to 100°C, but it is usually kept at 70-80°C.

Steaming procedure: The process of visiting a sauna usually starts with warming up the steam room. Then people enter the steam room and begin to bathe. Steaming helps to dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, cleanse the skin and remove toxins. During steaming, you can massage with a broom (a special broom made of birch branches).
Cleansing and relaxation: After steaming, people usually go out for fresh air or to a special room to cool down. This is often combined with a dip in water, such as a lake or river, or a shower. Visitors then return to the bathhouse for another cycle of steaming and cooling. After several cycles of steaming and cooling, people usually spend time in the locker room where they can rest, eat, drink tea and socialize.

Health benefits: Bathing has many positive health effects. It helps relaxation, improves sleep quality, boosts immunity, detoxifies the body, and promotes better skin and overall physical well-being.

Social aspect: Banya also has an important social significance in Russian culture. It is a place where people gather with friends and family, socialize, have fun and spend time in a pleasant atmosphere.

Bani exist in different shapes and sizes, and they can be either private or public. In Russia and other countries where bathhouses are traditionally popular, they remain an important part of culture and lifestyle.