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The most unusual baths in the world

Bath on wheels
Mobile baths or as they are otherwise called baths on wheels - it's just something incredible. Here, for example, is a sauna made of logs at KRAZ or in a trailer! Some baths on wheels even reach impressive dimensions, for example, the largest mobile bath is in a long length Volvo brand and has a length of 17 meters.
Bath on the ferry
There is also such an interesting bath. It works exclusively on warm summer days, and in winter it is laid up.
Bath on the ski lift
The incredible sauna found its place on the lift. On a ski slope in one of the cities of Finland, a sauna was built right in the cabin, because Finns cannot be imagined without a sauna even in such a place.
Bath in the rock
In Russia, they decided to take a step higher and equipped a bathhouse in a rock located on the lake shore. A log structure was attached to the plumb line, a stove-heater was built and the bathhouse is ready.