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An unforgettable vacation at Woloshin banya!

In the city it is winter and cold, but in the banya there is warm steam and aromas of summer herbs. Come to Woloshin banya!
Here, far away from everyday cares, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of calm and relaxation, restoring energy and enjoying moments of peace and quiet.
Here you are waiting for you:

- A cozy wooden log cabin near the forest, which combines antique decor with modern technology;
- Hot and cold water baths, including a luxurious Jacuzzi;
- Unique techniques for quality steam and maximum sensations;
- Natural herbal aromas with healing effects;
- Crystal clear spring water pond and a small sea salt pond;
- Exclusive sound therapy, which immerses you in the world of harmony and relaxation;
- A real hayloft for recuperation;
- A swing with fur skins by the pond;
- Our new clay bath and steaming on clouds;
- Treats and homemade kvass.

Reserve your place of strength +373 78 229 222