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Benefits of baths for the skin

Under the influence of the heat of the bath on the upper ball of the epidermis dies a huge number of different bacteria, pores are cleansed, restores sweating, starts intradermal respiration, the epidermis begins to withstand strong temperature changes. For the epidermis, the temperature in the bath is an excellent training. It allows the sweat glands for a long period of time to maintain skin turgor.

The benefits of the bath for muscles
At high temperatures, the muscles are warmed up. Just 10 minutes in the steam room can increase their strength and capabilities. However, it makes no sense to bathe at temperatures over 100 degrees, because such a temperature only lowers these indicators. The ideal environment for increasing muscle capabilities and warming them up is a sauna, the temperature in which reaches 50-70 degrees. Bath heat is the oil for strained muscles, in which oxidation products such as lactic acid have accumulated. Its amount in the body is reduced exactly twice, and after only 60 minutes in the steam room - three times. When overexertion to the action of steam is recommended to add the impact of birch broom.

Benefits of bathing for joints and ligaments
Bath heat increases the elasticity of the ligaments, and also favorably affects the time of bathing receive double the oxygen supply, they increase the number of life-giving elements, since they are constantly saturated with fresh blood. As practice has shown, bath steam and massage with a broom allows you to break up salt deposits and reduce swelling.

The impact of the bath on the nervous system
Bath also has a positive effect on the nervous system: the rush of blood to the surface of the epidermis temporarily reduces the blood supply to the brain. As a result of this process, mental tension is relieved and there is a general relaxation of the body. In some cases, the bath acts as an energizer. This happens when the load on the body occurred unevenly. For this reason, it is important to properly adjust the bathing regimen.

Benefits for the respiratory tract
Bath is very good at cleansing the lungs and bronchi. Excess mucous substances are removed from them, as a result, breathing becomes much calmer and more balanced.