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🌸Women's program every Wednesday at Woloshin banya "Dragon" 🐉

Dear ladies, how often do you devote time to yourselves and your health? It's time to awaken your inner strength, understand yourself, and your desires.

Every Wednesday, we invite you to the Woloshin banya "Dragon" for a unique women's program. Here you can relax and unleash your feminine energy, as well as gain new knowledge from specialists in various fields.

And more awaits you here:

● 5 hours of relaxation;

● Collective aromatherapy in the clay sauna;

● Individual sauna;

● Relaxing, soap or scrub massage of your choice;

● Spacious relaxation area with a huge wall of live plants;

● Outdoor baths and a beautiful view of the stone pond;

● Tasty treats.

We await you every Wednesday at 17:00 PM.

The number of guests is limited: 12 people❗