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Black bathhouse

The age of the black bathhouse is difficult to determine, because not only bathhouses used to be heated in this way, but also residential houses. One thing is certain - it is definitely the ancestor of the white bath. However, this does not detract from the healing properties of the black bath.
The difference of the black bath.
First of all, the construction of the very structure of such a bathhouse is different: small windows not higher than 30 centimeters high from the floor, low (up to 1.6 meters high) and narrow (70-80 cm) doors, which help to keep the heat inside the room. A high threshold in front of the doors is mandatory - it will prevent the heat from escaping quickly.

Naturally, according to the name, there is no chimney in the black bath - that's why black smoke pours into the windows and doors. However, this is the healing effect of the black bath: the steam rises not upwards, but comes out from under the heated stones from below and crawls upwards along the walls, thus disinfecting the whole room.
How to stoke the sauna black
This is a responsible and troublesome matter. To become any kind of heater of such a bathhouse, you need a lot of experience. Warm up the sauna in advance (2-3 hours) before steaming. It is better to heat a black sauna with wood from the same tree from which it is cut down. It is not possible to use coniferous wood, as there are a lot of sparks from it.

When the sauna is heated, the windows and doors should be open wide. The smoke will rise up, warm up the room and, having descended, will pour out of the windows and doors. Having heated the sauna to a sufficiently stable temperature, the fire must be extinguished and ventilate the sauna for at least half an hour to get out all the carbon monoxide and heavy smoke.

Doors and windows are tightly closed after airing - the bathhouse is black soaking, and meanwhile the bath attendant wipes the walls and shelves from soot and carbon monoxide, so that the visitors do not get dirty. All, it's time to go to the black bath.
The benefit of a black bath is obvious, as the heat is kept longer and the stages of temperature transition are more obvious for those who are steaming. The very first period and the hottest right after heating, when the temperature reaches 90-100 degrees. Real "professionals" can steam. After the temperature goes down to 60-50 degrees, becomes comfortable, the steam is light, and then everyone can safely steam. And at the end at 40 degrees, women and children are washed.