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Baths of the world. Greece

Baths originated in ancient Greece and were named after the goddess of purity and health. The Greeks began to use hot water and steam to cleanse the skin, improve the body and recover from sports activities. To this end, they came up with a complex of water and thermal procedures - lakonikum.
The first bath complex was created in Sparta, where it was customary to go after playing sports (it is not surprising that its origin was there).
The Greek bath has the shape of a hemisphere with a large hearth in the center next to them are baths with warm and cold water, as well as pools.

A modern Greek bath is the same stone, tile or marble structures that include a relaxation room, a steam room, a bathtub, a washing room with pools and showers. They maintain an air temperature of 60-75 degrees and a humidity of 15-20%, which ensures uniform heating of the entire body without injuring the skin and blood vessels. Men prefer to be in a cold pool, and women - in warm waters.