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Start preparing for the warm season with a trip to Woloshin banya

A real wood-fired sauna is the most powerful SPA procedure that can transform the body in a matter of hours!❣️ Under the influence of wet steam, the dead layer of the skin softens and is easily removed by belongings and peelings.
✅ Moderate heat opens the pores and deeply cleanses them. Steaming with a broom provides massage, relaxes and gives a powerful lifting effect.
✅ Intense sweating relieves swelling of tissues, relieves bags under the eyes, significantly reduces body volume and smoothes cellulite.
This set of bath procedures perfectly starts metabolic processes, and after winter it will help you say goodbye to unnecessary kilograms!🤩
If you need a quick transformation to feel confident at an important event, be sure to visit the sauna before it. And if you want to receive compliments every day, then go to the bath systematically once a week❗️
We look forward to seeing you in the best bathhouse in the country - Woloshin banya!🤗
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