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Bath heals everything

Bath heals everything. The heart, lungs, muscles, skin, digestive organs, nasopharynx, throat, and so on. Banya draws out all the ailments from the sick, diseased body. In the past in villages and hamlets there were no medicines, which are now stuffed with their patients by modern doctors. There used to be no blood tests, after which you can see what is happening in the body. And what to say, for a long time they did not believe in microbes. They were treated with improvised means, herbs, decoctions, tinctures, squeezes, tree bark, mixtures. And that is why the banya was so popular in Russia.

It is said that banya can heal anyone who is sick and make him healthy for many years. A real Russian banya intoxicates the sober and sober the drunk. Banya helps to relax the body, cleanse the soul and breathe a little genuine country steam with smoke. Ah, how pleasantly crackling wood in a Russian banya!

The roots of the Russian banya go deep into history. It is not known who exactly is the inventor of the Russian bath, and whether there was such an inventor at all, because it is the heritage of all our people. Many centuries ago, the stove in the bath had no chimney, and all the smoke came out through the windows and slits of the bath. The walls of the bathhouse became black with time from cinders, soot and soot.
Hence the name "black bathhouse".
Nowadays, few people know and remember about this technology of baths. But there are many lovers of modern baths - a "white-style" bath - such a bath has a chimney and the stove is covered with stones. It is also equipped with an anteroom, a steam room, comfortable beds and wooden shelves. Despite all these improvements given to us by civilization, the traditional Russian bath is still a wooden hut made of logs.

Let's talk about the differences between the Russian bath and Finnish sauna, because many people are interested in this very question. The technology of the Russian bath and Finnish sauna, in fact, the same, but in practical terms there are some differences. First of all, it is worth noting the lower air temperature, which is characteristic of the Russian bath. This is due to increased humidity, which at high temperatures can lead to serious burns. Also indispensable attributes of the Russian bath are brooms that provide quality steaming and massage. Properly use brooms - a whole art and a topic for a separate article. It is worth remembering and all sorts of aromatic decoctions and herbal infusions, which in the Russian bath poured stones at the stove or wall to create a wonderful aroma.

To love the Russian bath....

However, this is not characteristic of the Finnish sauna. There are also some traditional differences of a decorative nature. A good steam and rest on a cold winter evening - what could be better? To love the Russian bath, it is enough to start visiting it regularly and systematically. After all, the Russian bath is not only pleasant, but also very useful for health pastime. Healing therapeutic effect of the Russian bath is an undeniable fact, proven over the centuries as our distant ancestors and modern people. A person becomes more hardened and resistant to temperature fluctuations and temperature load, acquires good health, energy and vitality.

The master in the village is not the one who has a bigger and more beautiful house, but the one who has a better bathhouse.