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The hottest sauna in the world - Inferno Thermal Springs!

Baths are an integral part of the culture of various nations, and each of them has its own peculiarities. However, there is a place where the temperature in the bathhouse rises to incredible heights, conquering lovers of hot saunas. Welcome to the hottest sauna in the world - Inferno Thermal Springs!

Located in an exotic corner of the world, these thermal springs offer a unique experience that will test even the most adventurous sauna enthusiasts. Temperatures inside the Inferno Bathhouse can soar to a breathtaking 120 degrees Celsius. This is the place where daring and brave explorers can truly test their limits of endurance.

The bath complex offers a variety of steam treatments ranging from traditional Finnish saunas to exotic aromatic steam rooms. Guests can expect not only incredible heat, but also a unique atmosphere filled with mysterious smoke and aromas of herbs and essential oils.

To keep the balance and ensure the safety of visitors, Inferno has special areas for cooling and relaxation. Guests can enjoy a cool pool of thermal water or relax in cozy relaxation rooms where thin columns of smoke rise, creating a magical atmosphere.

This hot bath becomes a real challenge for those who seek to truly feel the fire inside them. Impressions from visiting Inferno promise to be unforgettable and leave behind hot memories of the most unusual and extreme bath in the world.