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Universal gifts for lovers of bath, sauna and spa

Universal gifts for lovers of bath, sauna and spa

Gift Certificates:
Girls and men love gift certificates for a variety of spa treatments: wraps, scrubs, anti-cellulite programs and more. Massages are also a great gift option for men.
A broom for a bath:
Give a broom or set of birch, oak and spruce brooms as a gift. Bamboo brooms will also be appreciated by girls, especially in the fight against cellulite.

Opahal for the sauna:
A pawl is a more convenient alternative to a towel. It's lightweight and specifically designed to hold a lot of air.

Prefabricated Bath Kits:
Kits include a washer, scoop, massage roller, scented oils, natural soaps and herbal teas. Such a set will be enough for several months of regular visits to the bathhouse.
Funny bath accessories with humor:
Gift robes, hats, towels with funny inscriptions or expressions that will please your paying attention.

Gifts for Women in Bath:

A robe with initials:
Choose terry robes made of 100 percent cotton or with added bamboo fibers and modal (a fiber derived from the eucalyptus tree).

Rubber slippers:
Pay attention to the soles so that they provide good grip on the wet floor in the sauna.
Bath bag:
Choose a waterproof bag with an original print that is popular.

Hat with a spectacular design:
Original options in the form of a hat with flowers, humorous inscriptions or in the shape of a crown.

Sauna Cosmetics:
Gift scrubs, masks and other beauty products made from natural ingredients, including healing clay for the face and body.

Sauna brush:
A double-sided brush with a pile on one side and a layer of pumice stone on the other would be a good option.

Gifts for men in the bathhouse:

Men's Bath Kilt:

The kilt provides steaming comfort without pressure or constriction. It prevents the risk of slipping, which is often the case with sheets or towels.
Seat for the steam room:

Accessories made of natural felt, 100% wool or natural wood. All three options are safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable.