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"Why in the bathhouse...?" - answers to the most common questions

This article will answer the most common questions regarding the proper way to visit a bathhouse. The information is as useful as possible, it is also laid out very compactly, which will eliminate the need to spend a large amount of time searching for answers to each of the questions. This is very important if a person is going to a bathhouse and does not have the opportunity to spend a long time looking for answers to the most common questions.

Useful information is given literally in a few words, but the essence is clear. If the answer to the question is unsatisfactory, you can always read a more detailed thematic article on a particular issue. So, the answers to the most common questions are.

1. Why do I need a hat in a bathhouse? In the bathhouse there is hot air, it can have an impact on the structure of the hair. It is for this reason that the hair requires a certain protection, and a hat will be a real salvation.

2. Why rub salt in the bath? Salt effectively stimulates sweating. A person begins to sweat more strongly, the pores open very well, so you can get the best possible effect from this procedure. In addition, in the process of removing salt, you can quickly remove dead cells, respectively make it more elastic and velvety. It is the perfect body scrub.

3. Why do you need a broom in a bathhouse? Spanking quality broom, which is made of healing wood produces the effect of therapeutic massage. Through its use you can improve blood circulation, increase sweating, as well as metabolism will be much better, which will have a beneficial effect on overall health. Broom with its actions opens the pores, respectively effectively flushes out all the slags and germs.

4. Why are windows installed in the bathhouse? Window openings in the bathhouse are necessary to let fresh air into the room, if someone became ill. Often inexperienced bathhouse workers greatly overestimate their abilities, sit in the steam room for a long time, drink alcohol. All this affects the circulatory system. In addition, windows are necessary for quality ventilation, so that mold or fungus does not form in the room.

5. Why is there honey in the bath? This substance is a quality product that is endowed with a large number of very useful substances. It has a favorable effect on all human organs and the whole body as a whole. It also nourishes the skin very well, fills it with vitamins.

6. Why do I need to steam in a bathhouse? The process of being in the bath has the most beneficial effect on the whole body. In the process of steaming the skin is very well cleansed of dead cells, pores are cleansed of waste products. At the same time there is also a perfect charge of the entire nervous system and circulatory system. If you constantly visit the bath, you can get rid of various viral diseases for a long time. It is also possible to alleviate and even completely cure respiratory diseases. In addition, by visiting the steam room you can gain energy and strength for the next working period.

7. Why in the bathhouse healing steam? If you fill the steam in the bath with medicinal herbs, you can effectively cleanse the lungs from a variety of toxins and diseases. This can be kvass, herbal decoctions, beer and so on. Through the respiratory organs, such vapors will have a general relaxing effective effect on the body.

Based on all the answers presented to attention, we can conclude that visiting the bath complex in full compliance with all the rules guarantees certain benefits. A person receives recovery, full rest, as well as gaining strength and vigor.