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🌸Hen Party on Ivan Kupala Day at Woloshin banya

🌸Hen Party on Ivan Kupala Day at Woloshin Banya

Dear ladies,✨

On July 7th, Ivan Kupala Day, Woloshin Banya will host an unforgettable hen party! One of the most significant traditions of this holiday is visiting the banya (bathhouse). 🌿 The banya is considered a powerful ritual with miraculous powers.

We invite you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of harmony and natural energy with us. We have specially prepared a unique and rich program for you:

✅ Traditional tea ceremony with medicinal herbs
✅ Yoga, meditation, and breathing practices
✅ Nail-standing under the guidance of an experienced master
✅ Wish-making ritual with ribbons
✅ Aromatherapy in the banya using natural herbs
✅ Scrubbing or soap-lye massage for velvety skin
✅ Individual oak leaf broom steaming
✅ Girls' dances and dances around the fire
✅ Contrast baths, warm jacuzzi, and icy mojito bath
✅ Sound healing for complete immersion and relaxation
✅ An experienced guide who will accompany you throughout the 5-hour program

⚡️Location: Woloshin Banya ⚡️Time: Morning 10:00 - 15:00, Evening 17:00 - 22:00 ⚡️Guest limit: 12 women ⚡️Ticket price: 1500 MDL

🔸The first to book places will receive a pleasant compliment from us. For more detailed information, please contact: 📞078 229 222