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Bathing in Summer. Benefits

There is a myth that going to the bathhouse in summer is unnecessary and may even be harmful to your health. But in fact, bathing rituals are beneficial at any time of the year, and here's why:
Cleansing of toxins: During the warm months, when we sweat more often and the air becomes dirty and dusty, our body needs a thorough cleaning. Bathing helps to get rid of toxins through perspiration, which contributes to the overall health of the body.

Reducing swelling: Swelling often occurs in the heat, and the microclimate in the steam room helps to cope with this problem. Bathing procedures promote fluid outflow and reduce swelling, making the feeling of heat more tolerable.

Improvement of blood circulation: Visiting a sauna helps to dilate the blood vessels, which improves blood circulation. This allows the skin to get more oxygen and nutrients. Improved circulation has a number of positive effects, such as reducing inflammation, increasing immunity and accelerating muscle regeneration.

Visiting the sauna in summer helps prepare the body for the heat, as it gets used to sweating at higher temperatures. Thus, bathing has a beneficial effect on the body at any time of year, including summer.