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Preparing birch brooms for the bath

Preparing birch brooms for the bath is a process that requires certain skills and knowledge. Here are some tips on how and when to harvest birch brooms for the bath:
1) Gathering time: The best time to gather birch brooms is spring or early summer, when the trees are actively growing and the leaves are just emerging. The optimal time to pick is when the leaves have not yet fully opened, but have grown enough to be soft and pliable.

2) The right choice of twigs: When collecting brooms, choose healthy birch twigs with a diameter of about 1-1.5 cm. They should be straight and without damage or disease. Avoid picking brooms with unripe or withered leaves.

3) Preparing the brooms: After collecting, remove all excess leaves and twigs from the base of the broom. Leave only the top leaves and buds, as they have a softer texture and pleasant aroma.

4) Drying process: Use a well ventilated room to dry the brooms or hang them in the sun. The brooms should dry completely to retain their shape and not deteriorate.

5) Storage: After drying, the brooms can be stored in a cool, dry place by stacking them in brushes and tying them with soft rope or tape. Avoid storing brooms in humid conditions, as they may become moldy or deteriorate.

6) Preparation for use: It is recommended to soak birch brooms in warm water for 10-15 minutes before use. This will help increase their elasticity and give them a pleasant aroma.
Remember that the preparation and use of birch brooms for the bath is the individual preference of each person. Follow the above advice, but also feel free to experiment and tune in to your own preferences.